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Rumble Roller
Rumble Roller 77.5x15cm

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Rumble Roller from

World's best roller bringing relief to muscular pains
  • Stimulate deep layers of muscle tissue
  • Stretch your muscle and fascia in multiple planes
  • Concentrate massage pressure
  • Improve access to soft tissue near boney areas



Product description

The brand new RumbleRoller has specially designed bumps that are firm and flexible to emmulate the thumbs of a massage therapist.

As you roll over the top the bumps knead the contours of your body stretching your tissue and muscles in multiple directions. This erodes trigger points to help restore flexibility and brings relief to common muscular pains.

By design the RumbleRoller's bumps are firmer than muscle tissue but much softer than bone so they deflect out of the way if they contact your spine or other bones.

Using simple techniques you can control the amount of pressure applied. Several bumps are simultaneously contacting your body during most exercises however, with a slight shift of your body you can reduce your area of contact increasing the pressure and providing a deeper more penetrating relief.


  • Size: 12.5cm x 30cm
  • Firmness: Extra Firm
  • Colour: Black/Blue

The surface repels most dirt and is also water-proof and latex free as well as including a molded-in antimicrobial additive that prevents the growth of bacteria and fungus. To clean your RumbleRoller, simply wipe it down as needed with soap and water or a common household cleaner.

The RumbleRoller Outlasts Conventional Foam Rollers!

The material used has several times the strength and tear resistance of conventional rollers, permanently retains its shape and is guaranteed to outlast and outperform any other foam roller.

Should I buy the blue or black RumbleRoller?

For most people, including professional athletes, the regular density (blue) RumbleRoller is effective. Its bumps are more flexible and more actively grip and manipulate soft tissue. The bumps on the extra-firm (black) RumbleRoller are considerably stiffer, and give it a "spikier" feel.

The jeopardy of going too firm is that it may be too painful -- not too painful to use, but too painful to use correctly.For best results, you want to keep the muscle you're massaging relaxed and pause long enough on each trigger point to allow it to release.

You may prefer the black RumbleRoller if you're primarily using it on thicker muscles like glutes or hamstrings, are trying to dig deeply in around the hip capsule, are working on scar tissue from prior surgeries, or are accustom to rolling on PVC pipe. Otherwise, we strongly recommend the blue.


  • Dimensions: 12.5cm x 30cm
  • Bumps: 64 bumps per RumbleRoller
  • Colour: Black/Blue
  • Main Material: Inner Core - EVA, Outer - made from a proprietary EVA/polyolefin blend
  • Foam Density: Extra Firm


Directions of Use

We recommend using both before and after workout. A couple minutes before your workout (or even between sets) can help prepare your body for movement. Between workouts, rolling will help relax your body and enhance recovery. Any time is good for rolling.

How much time should I spend rolling?
Go by feel rather than time. A couple minutes per body part is generally enough to ensure progress, but your needs may differ. For best results, focus on the techniques that provide you with the most relief and do them consistently.

Is it better to roll fast or slow?
Slower is almost always better. Rolling quickly back and forth will stimulate your nervous system and increase blood flow, but it won't do much to release trigger points. Instead, roll slowly and stop completely whenever you feel a tender area. Keep pressure on the spot and let the bumps sink in as deeply as possible. Gradually the muscle will begin to loosen and the pain will begin to dissipate.



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