Atlantic Supplements uses Yodel, DPD and Royal Mail as main carriers. Yodel and DPD offer a service which allows us to track and trace your parcel until it gets to its destination.

Shipping Costs

Atlantic Supplements offers Next Day Delivery to Mainland UK for a flat £4.99, and 2-3 Day Delivery for £3.99. Saturday delivery costs £9.99.

Orders to Europe will vary depending on the country we ship to and on the weight of the order:

  • £9.52 minimum for Malta
  • £8.24 to a maximum of £8.99 for Germany
  • £9.09 to a maximum of £37.99 for Cyprus, Gibraltar, and Faroe Islands
  • £9.09 to a maximum of £19.99 for Sweden
  • £9.09 to a maximum of £21.99 for Hungary
  • £9.09 to a maximum of £10.99 for France, Luxemburg and Ireland 
  • £9.09 to a maximum of £35.99 to Liechtenstein
  • £9.09 to a maximum of £20.99 to Estonia, Finland, Poland, Portugal and Slovenia
  • £8.24 to a maximum of £9.99 to Belgium and Netherlands 
  • £9.09 to a maximum of £12.99 to Austria and Denmark 
  • £12.09 to a maximum of £10.99 to Andorra, Monaco Vatican City and San Marino
  • £12.99 to a maximum of £43.99 to Albania and Macedonia 
  • £9.09 to a maximum of £15.99 to Czech Republic, Italy, Slovakia and Spain
  • £12.09 to a maximum of £23.99 to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Montenegro, Serbia, and Romania
  • £17.09 to a maximum of £39.99 to Switzerland
  • £19.99 to a maximum of £43.99 to Norway



If an order needs to be redelivered due to a fault of the customer, there will be a charge of at least £7.50 to cover our freight, shipping and handling costs.


Tracking your own parcel

To track your parcel please use the links provided below.

If a problem occurs with your parcel while in transit, for example if it arrives late; it is damaged or if you do not receive the parcel at all, we will ensure that a replacement is offered to you as well as a full refund for any postage that you have paid. If you provide us with an incorrect delivery address, then this will be the customer’s own responsibility, who will be charged £9.99 if we make a collection on their behalf. It is also the customer’s responsibility to ensure that there is someone present to sign for the parcel. It is important to note that in no way can Atlantic Supplements or DPD/Royal Mail be held liable for failed deliveries unless either of those parties has been negligent in their duty to deliver.